Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
0 Years - 2 Months

Job Description

- Assist the certifying staff in daily accomplishment. - All equipment which are used in carrying out maintenance activities are to be checked daily and to be maintained and kept in serviceable condition. - Any shortcomings in the station are to be communicated to certifying staff/shift in-charge. - Records consumables used on the aircraft like hydraulic fluid, engine oil etc. have to be maintained. - Self-audits of equipment need to be carried out every month as per the check list and a record of this should be maintained in the station. - All documents associated with transits/maintenance need to be sent back to main base at the first available opportunity after completion of security check.

AME completed

- Should be Done AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) or Aeronautical/Aerospace Course.

Contact Person:
Bushra K

Bushra K