Analog Design Engineer
3 Years - 5 Months

Job Description

• Design of various Analog, Mixed signal and RF IC blocks like PLLs, ADC, DAC, Regulators, High speed interface PHYs and Other Analog Building blocks. • Responsible for delivery of macro and full-chip designs in deep sub-micron technologies. • Individual Contribution as well as lead a team of circuit design engineers, Mentor and Guide Junior members of the team. • Reponsible for defining Circuit architectures/topologies and simulation techniques and driving the design to completion. Required Skills/Experience: - • Hands on Experience in design of one or more functional blocks like PLL, ADC, DAC, Regulators, High speed interface PHYs and Other Analog Building blocks. • Experience of layout design in Deep Sub-micron technologies like 20nm, 28nm, 40nm, 90nm 180nm etc., • Experienced in the layout of low-power, low area and low noise integrated circuits. • Understanding of Deep Submicron layout issues and considerations. • Expert in using EDA tools like Cadence ADE (Analog Design Environment), MMSIM, Spectre, HSPICE etc., • Excellent Understanding of Circuit Simulation Techniques. Desired Skills:- • 3-5 years of design experience in one or more of the following streams of Analog Circuit Design. • High Speed Serial interface circuits including, SERDES Systems like MIPI, D-PHY, M-PHY, LVDS, Mini-LVDS, SLVDS, Serializers, Deserializers,Delay Locked Loops (DLLs), Phase Locked Loop (PLL) and its sub-circuitslike PFD, Charge pumps, OPAMP, Ring and LC Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO), feedback dividers, prescalar divider circuits, CML and CMOS logic circuits, Clock Data Recovery circuits, Feedforward Equalizers, Pre-emphasis circuits etc, Line drivers, Receiver circuits,duty cycle correction circuits. • Data Converter Circuits including, Pipelined ADCs, Flash ADCs, Successive Approximation (SAR) register based ADCs, Sigma-Delta ADCs, Delta-Sigma DACs, Segmented Current • Steering DACs, Capacitive and R-2RDACs, BIAS circuits, Bandgap circuits, Switched Capacitance circuits,OPAMP circuits, Calibration and compensation circuits. • General Analog and BIAS circuits, Bandgap circuits, OPAMP circuits,OTAs, Linear Regulators, Low Drop-out (LDO) regulators, Buck/Boost DC-DC converters, Charge pump circuits, Gm-C filters, Linear OPAMP filters, OTA-C filters, MOSFET-C filters etc. • RF circuits including Low Noise Amplifiers, Mixer Circuits, Active Baluns, Power Amplifiers in VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and multi-GHz frequency bands. Baseband circuits like Automatic gain control circuits, Variable gain amplifiers, linear/Gm-C/MOSFET-C/OPAMP/OTA-C filters, RSSI circuits, Logarithmic circuits, limiting circuits, pulse shaping circuits.

DRC, Assura , LVS , Analog Layout


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