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Our Team

Our team works with focus on providing the corridor of easy flow of services between recruiters seeking to fulfil hiring and sourcing requirements and jobseekers seeking a perfect placement. We cater to both experienced and freshly graduated candidates, and to companies from a vast array of disciplines – ranging across the most prominent industries India. You can safely rest knowing we will manage all recruitment needs in line with your specifications. Our team is driven to connecting and making it easy for candidates and organisations by our self-generated database. We are known for our headhunting and niche category hiring.

Meet Our Team


VDVG Srinivas Founder -
VDVG Srinivas

“Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together.” Alan Mulally (Business Leader, US). With this is mind, at we aim to work towards a common goal; to succeed with discipline & determination”

Satish Jaddu
Marketing AVP

“My contribution to the company is to make sure everyone I work with understands what is needed of them, and we all work jointly to bring success to self and team. Facing any corporate obstacle is easier when the target is clear. I am inspired in this with our leader & company MD”

Satish Jaddu Marketing AVP -
Kushal.KR AVP Operations -
AVP Operations

“Balancing innovation, risk & successful results is a tough climb, which I intend to scale to the top, helped with experience of leadership at and clear vision of expectations from me. When it comes to clients no ask is too big, we aim to please”

Management Team

Tracey R HR Manager -

HR – Manager Tracey R

“My task is to be a successful & efficient liaison with management & employees at Prathigna.”

Sandeep Thapa Operations Manager -

Operations Manager - Sandeep Thapa

“Making sure my teams give their 100%, with peak performance & targets in eyesight”

Bindu Shruti Operations Manager -

Team Manager
- Monika K

“To seamlessly translate figures and data into quantifiable performance from all teams”

Team Leads

Sushma Bathina Team Lead -

Sushma Bathina
Gayathri Team Lead  -

Gayathri D
Deepa Team Lead  -

Deepa B Karagi

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