Resume Writing

Entry level resume writing services for graduates
Entry Level
Rs. 699/-

This is a level considered when you are just starting your career

Mid level career professional resumes
Mid Level
Rs. 999/-

This is a level considered for experienced.

Enhance your resume by highlighting your skills
Alpha Level
Rs. 1604/-

Considered for people in senior level management positions.

Resume writing for experienced consultants
25 +
Advisory Level

This is level considered for people in advisory positions.

Gives a professional look to your resume and creates a great impression.

For freshers and applicants just beginning a career
An entry level resume will usually consist of basic skills and academic qualifications. HulloJobs works with the applicant to showcase the required skill-set and keywords related to each individual requirement, to ensure a well presented resume that is concise and professional.
Points to remember when making a resume
- Highlight which skills would align well to the requirement being applied.
- Mention extra-curricular activities and achievements in non-academic fields.
To learn more, contact our experts at HulloJobs who can guide and help create a noteworthy resume.

For applicants who have 3-5+ years experience

A mid-career professional is essentially someone who has moved past entry level and is ready to take on higher roles. The resume should primarily aim at showcasing tasks/duties entrusted
- Feature your energized experience and expertise skills in a much appropriate manner.
- Let your career progression narrate your core competencies.

Resume Writing helps you in following ways
1. A keyword rich resume lets the recruiters find your resume easily.
2. Higher number of job notifications.
3. Enhance your results, get hired quickly.

Provide appropriate information on your profile and in the form. Once submitted, you will receive your resume within three business days.

This level caters to the more experienced candidate. 8+ years of experience

For those persons with experience greater than eight years. An extensive expertise in their particular field. Elite resumes for Elite Professionals.
- Enduring impressions are uniquely distinguishable.

This is for employees who have 15+ years of experience

Advisory level focuses and highlights your analyzing, management and problem solving skills, with a target of gaining a consulting position. Features accomplishments and experience with high-level managerial tasks. Highlights key achievements and zeroes in on what the candidate brings to the new position/consultancy.
» Emphasize the skills that are currently valued in the industry.
» Advisory level focuses and highlights your management, analyzing and problem solving skills
» Expertise in resume and shows you are a right fit for the company

1. Discussion

  • An assigned resume writer will call you to ask your relevant details and know about your expectations.
  • 2. Verifying

  • You will receive a sample of your resume, on which, you will send a feedback to the resume writer.
  • 3. Delivered

  • Resume writer will now send you the final copy of your resume. Once approved, you will get a professional resume in your hands.